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When you purchase Sanitrux carts, Saniwash cart washers and cart moving systems, you can rest assured that you have just purchased a quality product that will last for decades. McClure Industries was founded on giving your business what you need, and providing the industry a higher level of common sense, engineered safety.

What Every Facility Manager Needs In Carts:
  • 15-30 years of uninterrupted, reliable use
  • To stay in budget - so the carts have got to be cost effective
  • Strong construction to handle heavy loads without bowing
  • Carts that are absolutely fire retardant for maximum safety
  • Carts to meet all Fire Codes - including California Title 19
  • Carts that will not fall apart in 3-5 years
  • Carts that are easy to move and are ergonomically designed
  • The best long-term guarantee in the industry

Sanitrux Fire Retardant Fiberglass Laundry Carts

Sanitrux Bulk Linen Delivery Carts

Sanitrux Conversion Sling Cart

Sanitrux Guardian Carts

Sanitrux Library Carts

Sanitrux Linen Carriers

Sanitrux Sheet Cart

Sanitrux Spring Platform Utility Carts

Sanitrux Tilt Carts

Sanitrux Trash Carts

Sanitrux Turn-About Delivery Carts

Sanitrux Utility Carts

Sanitrux Washroom Carts

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